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Discovering Your Interior Style Through Fashion

Our clothes and fashion flairs have been known to be form of self-expression reflecting our personalities and style. Our homes are also an expression of ourselves, but let’s be honest, committing to an outfit is by far easier than selecting a paint colour or investing in new furniture.

We are surrounded by visuals every second of every day. So before we start searching for external inspirations, and potentially overwhelming ourselves with ideas, we need to search for inspiration within ourselves.

Fashion trends don’t just inspire the way we dress, they can also provide ideas and kick-start our creativity when decorating spaces or planning an entire interior remodel. If you’re struggling to decide on what style you like best or what pieces go together, start with your wardrobe for inspiration!

If you’re completely obsessed with your red bomber jacket because it’s bold and comfortable and you just had to have it, that’s perfect! You probably paired this with a simple graphic print white tee and chic classic pumps or casual tennis shoes. You love how the confident edgy feel of the jacket paired well with the relaxed lounge-like look of the tee but still keeping it chic with your classic pumps. You paired these items together in such manner because if best describes who you are; fun, edgy, and chic, yet still laid back and relaxed. This outfit personifies everything about you. Now carry this mentality over into your living spaces and use your most loved clothing items as a starting point. The ultimate goal is to narrow your furnishing and décor options down to a style that reflects the pieces of clothing you love most. This is be your main guide even if you switched things up for the seasonal holiday looks.

Instinct and psychology can play a significant role in the design process, In other words, you love that red bomber jacket for a reason, so optimize using your closet in such a way that you can design a bomb space that you love just as much.

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