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Creating Multi-Functional Spaces for Cosy Homes

In such uncertain times, when we’re all forced to stay in, homes are suddenly becoming spaces that do it all — home school and office meets dining table and living room. While it might seem chaotic, multi-functional spaces can create the illusion of more room and even help to foster connection.

Our spaces now need to be as flexible and as varied as we are. Here are 5 ideas that will get you started:


Sofa-Back Workstation

Many of us are working virtually, including the kids. This has created a high-demand for more working spaces within our homes. One great hack to creating a perfect workstation is to add a sofa-back table/desk. Sofa-back tables are common additions, and they also help to ground the sofa – creating a more intentional and finished appeal; it’s a win-win! This table also makes for a great dining setup if you live in a studio with limited space!


Reading Nook

Do you have an open space beneath your stairs? Create a relaxing reading nook with a library of your favourite books. This may also be a neat study area for the kids when they’re not working from a desk. A bean bag or a comfy lounge chair with a small side table works great! This area is also ideal for adding another custom workstation.


Kitchen & Dining Combo

If you are building a new home or remodeling your kitchen, consider combining your kitchen surface and your dining area. This may sound strange but it creates a cohesive design and encourages more family bonding within the kitchen. It also saves on building square footage and/or creating additional open space.


Kids Loft Beds

In this current period of social-distancing, many kids are spending a lot of hours learning from the comfort of their homes. Why not invest in a customized loft bed with a lower unit workstation? This offers your kids the luxury of having all that they need to operate - all within their own private space.


Room Dividers

If you really need to create separation, room dividers are your friends. There are many ways to create beautiful spaces using dividers whilst maintaining a stylish home. If you’re trying to create distinct spaces but not necessarily seeking privacy, I recommend using open shelving to create division - this still allows for continuity. If you choose to use a portable divider, don’t be afraid to style your divider.

Have fun! Tag us @formstudiointl and use the hashtag #FormYourLife. Let us know how these design tips have worked for you!

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